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Coastal Emergency Medical Skills (CEMS) offers a multitude of CPR related and safety training classes.  The targeted audiences are quite diversified, ranging from healthcare professionals to corporate employees to the general population in the local community.  CEMS had an existing website that was outdated.  The site contained a lot of information, but it was not organized in a logical fashion.  Organizing a large amount of information in a manner that is easy for the user to navigate was critical to the success of the site.  This was accomplished by dividing the classes into categories for the corresponding audiences.  The details for each class expand and collapse when needed, allowing the user to go straight to the desired information without having to read through non-related material.  This approach simplifies the information greatly.  In addition, the old site was not found in search results.  After the website launch, we worked with CEMS for several months to improve their search ranking.

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